The Florida Division of Forestry and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, along with the project team, are in the process of creating a Conceptual Management Plan (CMP) for the Babcock Ranch Preserve. The CMP will guide operational activities on the 73,236 acres of state and county-owned land over the next ten-year planning cycle.

The CMP will cover existing resources, past uses, future uses, management needs, and easements as shown in the CMP Outline and as required by Sections 253.034, 259.032, and 259.1053 of the Florida Statutes and Rule 18-2 of the Florida Administrative Code.

The CMP Process began in May 2007 and continues with meetings (open to the public) in August and November 2007. It concludes by the end of July 2008 with review and approval of the Babcock Ranch Preserve CMP by the Acquisition and Restoration Council and the State of Florida Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund. View the Schedule.